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Ruby is July’s Birthstone

Ruby is July’s Birthstone ruby1-21
The ruby is considered one of the four most precious stones; this majestic gem's company includes diamonds, sapphires, and emeralds. Its fiery red primary hue is what makes rubies stand out from the others, and why the ruby jewelry has been so loved for such a long time.

Rubies have been treasured for both their beauty and believed powers. In the Far East, rubies were thought to be auspicious. Rubies were placed at the foundation of buildings to ensure success to whatever went on inside. Rulers also ordered military armor to include rubies to ensure their soldiers' success during war.

Ruby is July’s Birthstone ruby2-93
In the West, rubies have always been seen as a source of power. In Ancient Egypt, the ruby was thought to belong to the Egyptian goddess of war. Soldiers were instructed to carry rubies onto the battlefield in the hopes of securing this goddess' favor. Wives of Egyptian's military ruling class also wore ruby necklaces as a sign that this goddess favored their husbands. The birthstone poem also talks of the ruby's power, announcing that anyone wearing ruby jewelry will be “free from anxiety”.

Today ruby jewelry is not sought after because do not believe that ruby jewelry hold any special powers. Rather, they are sought after for the ruby's regal beauty, their lush and full red tones. Stop in our store to see our collection of ruby jewelry; we are sure you will instantly understand what has attracted so many for so long to this magnificent gem.

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