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Peridot: The Perfect Summer Stone

Peridot is August's birthstone and the perfect stone for summer. Peridot appears in a range of greens; each stone's unique shade is dependent on the amount of iron in the stone. Peridot which occurs as olive is considered the most valuable.

Peridot mines were first discovered on an island in the Red Sea and peridot jewelry was worn by women in Ancient Egypt and Rome; in Ancient Rome peridot necklaces and peridot earrings were so popular the peridot was nicknamed “the emerald of the evening”. In the Middle Ages, peridot rings were worn by the Catholic hierarchy because peridot became associated with moral purity. Later, once the peridot became a birthstone, it was associated with finding love.

Because peridot is now August's birthstone, peridot jewelry is the perfect gift for any loved one born in August. But the peridot, with its gorgeous green color, and association with love, invokes the life and adventure of summer, and complements almost any summer dress.

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