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Police Chief's Citizen Commendation Award

In late 2014, a male entered Bonaci's Fine Jewelry to sell diamonds. The employees felt uncomfortable with the situation and began researching the origin of the stones. They discovered the suspect had been stealing diamonds by fraudulent means and reselling them to stores.

On November 25, 2014, the suspect returned to Bonaci's, again attempting to sell diamonds. Employees recognized the suspect and kept him distracted while calling 911. The suspect fled prior to police arrival but was apprehended nearby.

The Kent Police Department wishes to thank the employees of Bonaci's for their help in stopping a suspect from continuing his crime spree.

Police Chiefs Citizen Commendation Award cheifsaward-67
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Bonaci Jewelers was nominated for Police Chief's Citizen Commendation Award. Last night we received the award at the Kent City Council meeting. Thanks go to Officer Majack for her support!

AT: 10/22/2015 08:01:24 AM  

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