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December Birthstone of the Month - Tanzanite!

December Birthstone of the Month - Tanzanite! Tanzanite, a member of the zoisite mineral, is an exotic, velvety blue gem that occurs in a wide array of sizes and cuts. Despite its short history, the stone has made a name in the jewelry industry due to its rarity and striking color that varies according to cut. The smaller stones tend to have lighter tones and display more of the lavender or purple hue while the larger cuts feature deep vivid blue tones.

While tanzanite is known for the blue-purple hues, it’s actually a brownish crystal in its rough state. Rarely a pure blue, the vast majority of tanzanite stones in the market are heat treated to make the dull color turn to vivid blues with overtones of purple.

December Birthstone of the Month - Tanzanite! The primary attribute that makes tanzanite a popular choice is pleochrism. The stone exhibits several hues simultaneously under different lighting conditions and angles. Vibrant blues are more pronounced when viewed under fluorescent light while purple shades are more evident in incandescent light.

With a ranking of 5-6 in the Mohs scale, tanzanite is a brittle stone. Though it can be worn daily, it’s recommended to take extra care by protecting it from knocks and harsh chemicals.

December Birthstone of the Month - Tanzanite! Most commonly, tanzanite is set in necklaces, rings, and earrings. It shows off its beauty in all jewelry styles that are highly sought by a lot of collectors.

Tanzanite commemorates the 24th year of marriage.

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