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The Royal Amethyst - Treasured by Jewelry Buyers

The Regal History of Amethysts
The loyal community of Bonaci Jewelry buyers is always interested in knowing more about their favorite gems. One of their favorites, the amethyst, has quite a long history and many interesting facts about how it became the jewel of royalty. The amethyst is also the birthstone for the month of February. This is where the details about this beautiful gem begin.

The Royal Amethyst - Treasured by Jewelry Buyers
The amethyst is a gem that caught the eye of Neanderthal Man. Among prehistoric man's remains was found this spectacular jewel. It is hard to imagine how 25,000 years ago, this gem was already treasured as a stone to decorate the simple lives of early man. Later, Greeks and Romans both chose the amethyst to add to engravings. Curiously, ancient Greeks believed the amethyst could prevent them from becoming drunk. In fact, the Greek word, "amethystos," translates to mean, "not drunk."

Around 690 B.C., Numa Pompilius in 690 B.C. created the “Februa” festival from whence the month of February was named. Amethysts became the birthstone for those born in February due to its semi-precious gem properties that symbolize courage and to attract a courageous nature. Perhaps it took great courage to remain sober and wearing an amethyst as a talisman attracted courage.

The Popularity of the Amethyst among Royals
The early Egyptians and English royalty prized amethysts for jeweled crowns, scepters and other decorative jewelry. Purple has always been the color denoting royalty. The purple hued amethyst was most suited to royalty.

The Royal Amethyst - Treasured by Jewelry Buyers
It is also known that the amethyst was mentioned in the Bible and has been worn by religious hierarchy for centuries. Legend states that St. Valentine and St. Matthias wore amethysts. Quite interesting is the fact that the twelfth foundation of the Holy City in Jerusalem includes amethysts among many other gems. The world's largest amethyst geode is known as the "Empress of Uruguay." The late Princess Diana also favored amethysts for her tiara and her engagement ring.

The Loyal Community of Jewelry Buyers at Bonaci Jewelers
Each member of the staff of Bonaci Jewelers provides our loyal community of jewelry buyers with interesting facts and lore about the excellent quality gems they purchase. We know this helps customers choose jewelry that suits their special tastes.

Shopping at Bonaci provides customers with the opportunity to enjoy the treasures of their favorite styles of jewelry and their favorite gems. When each February rolls around, we notice a surge in demands for amethyst jewelry for birthdays, Valentine's Day and for the thrill of owning a piece of Bonaci amethyst jewelry.

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