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Golden Zircon: Capture The Sunlight

Don't be confused: zircons aren't cubic zirconia.

Golden Zircon: Capture The Sunlight Zircon-38
Cubic zirconia are synthetic diamonds, created in a laboratory. Zircons are the world's oldest mineral. Years ago, they were used as a substitute for diamonds because they have similar refractive and dispersion qualities. But they're beautiful stones on their own, and they can be turned into stunning custom jewelry.

Because of the way zircons were formed, they have two properties that make them interesting as gemstones. First, their color can seem to change depending on the way light strikes them -- jewelers call that pleochroism -- and they can split light so that it travels in two slightly different directions, which can affect the way the finished stone looks.

Zircons come in many colors, from brown to pink, green, and red. Often the stones are heated to enhance or even change the color. This is especially true with green zircons, which, when heated, turn deep shades of blue, which the pleochroism can make look teal as the angle of light shifts.

Golden zircons glow like solid sunlight, and look breathtaking when set in custom jewelry. These stones are less expensive than diamonds, which means you can get more brilliance for less money, and Bonaci Fine Jewelers' award-winning custom design can create unique jewelry that reflects your taste and style.

When you choose your golden zircons, Jeff will discuss listen to your design ideas, suggest ideas of his own, and make sketches of what you want. After that, he'll cast the design -- and the zircons -- in wax so that you can see what the design will look like. At that point, you may want to make a few changes in the wax model. Once you're satisfied, he'll remove the zircons from the wax and cast everything in metal.

Once you have your custom piece, you'll be wearing an important bit of history. Zircon is the oldest known mineral, about 4.4 billion years old. The dating is made possible by using the half-lives of traces of radioactive uranium and thorium in the stones. In addition, scientists have found suggestions that the stones were touched by water, which could change our ideas about when life actually appeared on the planet.

You'll also have a link to past customs. Because of its ability to split light, some zircon may appear dense or cloudy. These zircons were often used for mourning jewelry in Victorian times.

Stop in and browse our collection of golden zircons -- and imagine yourself wearing one in your very own jewelry design.

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