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Saturday, July 01, 2017

The Rich, Red Ruby is July's Fiery Birthstone

by Bonaci Fine Jewelers
The Rich, Red Ruby is Julys Fiery Birthstone July2017-Ruby1-62
The ruby's name comes from the Latin word “ruber”, which means red. This name is apt considering the ruby's gorgeous primary hue of deep and rich reds. Along with the gem's primary hue, secondary hues such as orange, pink, and purple can occur. Purple is the best secondary hue to occur because it intensifies the ruby's primary red hue, therefore increasing the gem's value.

The rich red color of rubies has always been associated with fire, and therefore, power. The ruby was believed to be the favorite gem of the Ancient Egyptian goddess of war, and ruby rings were worn by Egyptian warriors. The elite of in Victorian England and America proudly donned ruby necklaces and ruby earr...

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Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Ruby is July’s Birthstone

by Bonaci Fine Jewelers
Ruby is July’s Birthstone ruby1-21
The ruby is considered one of the four most precious stones; this majestic gem's company includes diamonds, sapphires, and emeralds. Its fiery red primary hue is what makes rubies stand out from the others, and why the ruby jewelry has been so loved for such a long time.

Rubies have been treasured for both their beauty and believed powers. In the Far East, rubies were thought to be auspicious. Rubies were placed at the foundation of buildings to ensure success to whatever went on inside. Rulers also ordered military armor to include rubies to ensure their soldiers' success during war.

Ruby is July’s Birthstone ruby2-93
In the West, rubie...

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