Stuller Jewelry

Stuller is one of the largest, and most supportive, jewelry design companies which is why we at Bonaci Fine Jewelers are incredibly pleased to bring their expertise and jewelry to you, our customers in and around the Kent, WA area.

They have an extensive and ever-evolving selection of engagement rings, diamond ring mountings, wedding bands for both men and women. They also have a good selection of anniversary bands and eternity bands for any budget. When you're looking for 14kt white gold jewelry, 14kt yellow gold jewelry, 14kt rose gold jewelry, 18kt white gold jewelry, 18kt yellow gold jewelry, or any other metal, Stuller is a choice to look at.

Their selection of bridal jewelry includes the traditional diamond engagement rings and diamond wedding bands, but also includes a fabulous selection colored gemstone wedding bands and engagement rings. Bridal jewelry isn't the only type of jewelry that Stuller provides, though. Far from it!

They also create fine fashion jewelry in precious and semi-precious gemstones such as sapphire, ruby, pearl, emerald, onyx, and amethyst, as well as more unique types of stones like morganite, aventurine, and ametrine. Stuller designs all manner of jewelry and accessories such as bracelets, earrings, pendants, money clips, cuff links, key chains, brooches, charms, beads, religious & symbolic jewelry, and youth jewelry.

And while they offer their jewelry in traditional metals like gold, platinum, and sterling silver, Stuller has impressive lines of contemporary materials such as Dura Tungsten™, Amalfi™ stainless steel, Couture Ceramic™, titanium, leather, and black rubber. Stuller truly offers an incredible range of jewelry which is why we at Bonaci Fine Jewelers are so happy to bring their wonderful selection to you, our customers. We will happily appraise the jewelry from Stuller to for your insurance.

Stuller, Inc. was founded by Matt Stuller in 1970 after he decided he would rather build his own business rather than listen to other talk about it while attending the local university. Not long after, he created Stuller Settings of Louisiana... from the trunk of his car! This inauspicious beginning, with the goal to "build a business that caters to the unique needs of jewelry professionals", gradually was carefully built into the wildly successful and supportive Stuller, Inc. of today.

In 1989, they received the US Senate Productivity Award for outstanding achievement in productivity and quality improvement. Currently, from their manufacturing and administrative headquarters in Lafayette, Louisiana, they own 10 operations located on three continents, providing a wide range of products and services for jewelry professionals. Not bad for a company that was created from the trunk of the founders car!