Jewelry Appraisals In Kent, WA

We offer in-house jewelry appraisal services by our staff NAJA certified appraiser Jack Spirit. An insurance replacement report for a standard item are usually start at only $150. Prices will vary for complex items and different types of appraisal requests. Some unusual services, such as estate appraisals, require a preliminary consultation appointment. Call today or stop in for a no obligation consultation with Jack.

We at Bonaci Fine Jewelers know how important your jewelry is to you. Whether it was inherited, discovered on your own, or something for the future generation to cherish, we know that it's important for you to have peace of mind as to the value of the piece.

The appraisal will take into account:

• Present-day retail prices for comparison
• Brand names and manufacturer marks
• Gold karat, platinum percentage, and diamond/gemstone quality
• Wear and condition 
• We recommend Jewelers Mutual to our clients to insure their purchases.